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  Outer Rim Studios LLC is an independent game development studio. On  1/1/2017 we released our first game titled Outer Rim on itch.io. The decision to title the company after the first game is an obvious homage to the game that launched the company. Outer Rim Studios is a three man partnership between Sam Gebhard, Hector Borges and Jeff Fleetwood.

Systems: PC/Mac.

Outer Rim Story

Alert… Alert… This is a distress message from the outpost, Praxis.  At 2200 hours the Alliance outpost Praxis, located in the Latara Sector, fell to Imperial forces. The Empire’s war machine is active and has initiated an act of war against the Alliance by destroying Praxis.  We need pilots. We need your help. Will you join the Alliance to defend the Outer Rim?

Outer Rim Gameplay

Outer Rim is a single player infinite space shooter filled with fast paced game play, satisfying weapon upgrades, challenging enemies and an epic soundtrack to immerse you in the action. We created Outer Rim’s gameplay to reflect arcade games of the 80’s. Get a high enough score to enter your name on the leaderboard and ultimately beat the game’s high score. It’s a game that anyone can play and winning is defined by your own competitive drive. Whether that’s beating your own personal high score, beating a friends score or adding your name to the world leaderboard. Whatever your playing style, our goal is to make playing Outer Rim a fulfilling classic space shooter experience.

This is why after Outer Rim’s release we will continue to add new ships and respond quickly to the feedback from the gaming community.


Recently Added:

  1. 20 Unique sky-boxes with individual 3D elements.
  2. Interactive Jukebox with 5 genres to choose from and  over 2 hours of music.
  3. Overheat system: Many players asked us for an overheat system that would penalize overuse of the lasers.

Screen Shots

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Outer Rim Developers


Sam Gebhard: Programmer/Designer

Sam Gebhard is an independent game developer and student with a programming focus.  Sam’s primary languages are C# and Java. Sam performed a leadership role at Digital Iris as lead programmer on multiple projects.  He is an exemplary student, routinely surpassing professors’ expectations with his quality work. Sam is currently pursuing a degree in game design / computer simulation and certified Unity developer with a programming emphasis. Sam is one of the founders of Outer Rim which originally started as a programming assignment.

Contact: sam@defendteouterrim.com




Hector Borges: Programmer/Designer

 Hector Borges is an independent game developer and student with a focus on programming and design. Hector’s primary languages are C# and JavaScript. Hector worked as a programmer at Digital Iris on two separate projects.  He is a dedicated developer with an exceptional  eye for design. Hector is consistent. You can always rely on him to be the first one to show up and the last one to leave. Hector is currently pursuing a degree in game development / computer simulation and certified Unity developer with a programming emphasis. Hector was Sam’s programming partner and one of the original founders of Outer Rim.

Contact: Hector@defendtheouterrim.com




Jeff Fleetwood: Designer/3D Artist 

Jeff Fleetwood is an independent game developer with a wide range of skill sets. His passion and focus is 3D modeling and level design. After leaving a successful career with CBS television, Jeff refocused his ambitions to pursue his dream of game design. Jeff is currently working on a new game project with a larger development team. 

Contact: jfleetwood@mac.com

Portfolio website: fleetwoodinfocus.com