red-seven-regularorlogosilver1 Contest

We are looking for the skilled few who have what it takes to Defend the Outer Rim.

Outer Rim was inspired by classic space shooters from the 80s. It’s a casual game that’s easy to pick up but takes patience and quick moves to do well. We are looking to reward those people with the skill to become legendary and wish to bestow the greatest honor we can offer such legendary gamers. Winners will have a custom skin created on a ship for all to see and for all time. We think that this offers unique bragging rights only attainable by a select few.


Here are the rules:

  1. You can only win once
  2. You need to Follow us on Steam
  3. In order to win you need to record your game from beginning to end in HD resolution. (Don’t forget to do this)
  4. Post your video to You Tube
  5. Email a link to

Winning Score Levels

3 Million Points, 4 Million Points, 5 Million Points

The first person to reach and post their video will be considered the winner of that high score point level. If anyone breaks 5 Million we will open it up to higher scores.


We do have some limitations regarding the ship customization.

  • We won’t put anything vulgar on a ship. That includes your name if we deem it inappropriate.
  • We cant use copyrighted materials

*Please share your videos and challenge your friends on social media.

Email us with any questions: